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Magic Theatre, San Francisco 

Written by Jessica Hagedorn
Directed by Loretta Greco

Projection and Set design by Hana Kim
Lighting Design by Ray Oppenheimer
Costume Design by Brandin Baron
Sound Design by Sara Huddleston

The tropical, tumultuous world of Manila is exquisitely portrayed by scenic designer Hana Kim.
With illuminated projections, she transforms the corrugated metal shacks of Manila’s back streets
with images of voluptuous verdant palm fronds, movie glamour shots, and orchid-filled gardens.

-Elaine Elision, positivelyfilipino.com

Hana Kim's scenic design, a corrugated tin shack aglow with psychedelic projections,
perfectly portrays the need to dream away the grime that dominates everyday life.

-Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News

With the Magic’s theater converted into a semi-cabaret (the first few rows of seats have been removed
to make room for cafe tables and chairs), scenic designer Hana Kim’s lively projections -
-on the corrugated metal walls of the set — immerse the action in everything from lush patchworks of ferns
and a beauty pageant to gritty street scenes, political rallies and a disco-ball-lit drag club.

-Robert Herwitt, SFGate